Grinders play a major role in the dry herbal market, and they are often underestimated in their usefulness. Dry Herbal Vaporisers in particular, function optimally if the herbal material is ground/milled up first. There are 2 main factors that make them superior to scissors; the resulting herbal material is uniform in size and the surface area of each individual piece is increased. Both features work together to provide a more efficient vaping experience with minimal effort on your part. What should you look for? First you will need to choose between a Grinder or a Mill (this is a grinder that "shreds" herbal material). Materials used? Lastly, I would focus on design appeal as well as storage capacity.

This grinder is very different, incorporating 6 individual components with a glass mason jar as the starting point. Designed to never jam or stick together. The non-glass portions are made from 6063 hard anodized, aircraft grade aluminium. Top quality materials to last a lifetime. I will start at the bottom with each piece slottting directly into the one below.

  • Protective silicone band/sleeve - Thick and grippy, works to help keep light out and the glass safe.
  • Glass mason jar - 4oz jar. Your herbal material does not end up her but within the removable sifter basket.
  • m40 Sifter - A Stainless Steel fine mesh basket. Will act as a kief screen.
  • Bottom grinding plate - A myriad of diamond(ish) shaped teeth along with oval shaped openings. Sits right upon the sifter. Fluffy grind
  • Top grinding plate - More diamond(ish) teeth
  • Pressure band - A full metal band that slips over the entire grinder to keep it all in place.

Who is/are Goat Grinder? An American Brand with one simple focus, to create a grinder unlike any other on the market - The Goat Grinder V1 to be exact. It took them 6 long years of development before they were happy to release their one and only product. I admire their dedication!


  • American brand
  • A metal and glass herbal grinder
  • 6063 hard anodized, aircraft grade aluminium
  • All parts disassemble
  • Durable and eco-friendly
  • Shreds herbal material
  • Fluffy grind
  • Easy to use and clean
  • 4oz mason jar
  • Mesh 40 Sifter basket
  • 304 stainless steel woven wire mesh
  • Angled cutting teeth 
  • Silicone shade/band
  • Pressure Band: Single thick aluminum thread on glass contact ensures chamber stays unstuck
  • Blocks light
  • Top Grinder: Handle ergonomic nonslip design
  • Top Grinder: Accessory slot
  • Top Grinder: Off-center center post, less herb stuck in the center
  • Bottom Grinder: Sifter holder rim
  • Top & Bottom Grinder Gaskets: Decrease friction for smooth operation
  • Pollen brush - synthetic bristle


  • Aircraft grade Aluminium body
  • BPA Free
  • Measuring: 5.6 cms - 2.2" in diameter

In the Box

  • x1 Top Grinder
  • x1 Bottom Grinder
  • x1 Pressure band
  • x1 m40 Sifter basket
  • x1 4oz mason jar
  • x1 silicone shade/sleeve
  • x1 Brush
  • x2 Stickers
Brand Goat Grinder

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